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Marshfield Clinic Health System
Marshfield, WI, United States (on-site)
16 days ago
Marshfield Clinic Health System
Marshfield, Wisconsin, United States (on-site)
16 days ago


The Service Line Medical director of Anesthesia is responsible for:

  1. Representing and assisting MDAs and CRNAs with clinical practice
  2. Provide liaison functions between Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, Perioperative staff, Administration, other departments and external groups
  3. Round with department members quarterly
  4. Complete annual CRNA evaluations and six month associate Anesthesiologist evaluations
  5. Oversight of MDA/CRNA FPPE documentation and CRNA annual competencies
  6. Facilitate open communication with any anesthesia-related issues
  7. Conflict resolution/resolving staff issues
  8. Facilitate as the contacts for anesthesia for surgeons, OR, L&D, out of OR cases
  9. Coordinate applicable anesthesia standards of care across the healthcare system
  10. Plan, arrange and secure necessary Anesthesia equipment and troubleshoot shortages
  11. Plan, arrange and secure necessary Anesthesia medication and troubleshoot shortages
  12. Prepare and compile Anesthesia data
  13. Collaborate with different departments and specialties to resolve issues and improve work flow processes throughout the anesthesia department
  14. Participate in Anesthesia recruiting
  15. Participate in Medical Executive Committee and various OR-related committees
  16. Represent anesthesia interests on appropriate system-level committees
  17. Provide onsite support at every location monthly
  18. Perform anesthesia at every location annually at minimum
  19. Directly involved with ensuring adherence to regulatory and accreditation standards
  20. Market share/specialty planning, including outreach
  21. Budget and financial performance of service line (in conjunction with administrator)
  22. Medical standards, outcomes/quality, affordability & production for service line
  23. Recruitment for service line specialties; optimize workflow, reduce duplication/internal competition
  24. Mentoring /standards of conduct for all service line members
  25. Defining and enforcing patient experience standards in conjunction with Patient Experience Medical Director
  26. Identifying, developing and marketing new services/technologies within service line
  27. Service line coverage/referrals/process standardization & improvement
  28. Communication/implementation of service line initiatives
  29. Consulting on specialty coding, reimbursement and salary assignments for service line
  30. Collaboration with Core Line Administrator
  31. Collaboration with the System VP Perioperative Services

FOCUS: Service Line, Specialty, Specialty Medical Standards


  1. Citizenship
    1. Address physician and advanced practice clinicians behavior/performance issues; enforce general standards of conduct within service line.
  2. Market Share/Service Development
    1. Assess/improve service line market share.
    2. System specialty planning, including outreach.
    3. Regular communication with referral network across system; work with regional specialty director to address deficiencies.
    4. Identify new services/service expansion; determine specialty capital need/develop business plan; plan new technologies within specialties/service line.
    5. In conjunction with Marketing, find effective ways to promote service line.
  3. Financial Performance/Budget
    1. Accountable for budget process (in conjunction with administrator) and service line financial performance.
    2. Use understanding of service line costing, financial and staffing reports to manage practices.
  4. Operational Efficiency
    1. Manage service line coverage issues across the system for physicians and advanced practice clinicians.
    2. Manage ease of referral issues.
    3. Lead and be a resource for service line process improvement projects: standardization of processes, improved outcomes, and cost reduction.
  5. Outcomes/Quality/Affordability
    1. Responsible for outcomes/quality within service line, as well as pertinent quality improvement efforts.
    2. Risk management and peer review service line; address issues within service line, including quality improvement issues.
    3. Accountable for service line affordability.
  6. Patient Experience
    1. Sets standard for patient experience; enforce standards within service line in conjunction with Patient Experience Medical Director.
  7. Communication/Team Building
    1. Minimum quarterly or monthly system-wide service line meeting. Attends monthly combined CCOLT and other leadership meetings as requested.
    2. Communication of and implementation of service line specific initiatives to service line (affordability, outcomes, patient experience).
    3. Participates in Associate Evaluation program with major focus on medical standards, outcomes, patient experience and production for service line members.
    4. Recruitment of specialists across the system, optimizing workflow and reducing duplication and internal competition.
    5. Provide direction, coaching and feedback to service line members; serve as a mentor to service line department members
    6. Support and promote professional development.
    7. Conduct an annual review with each service line advanced practice clinician. h. Helps guide inter-specialty relationships.
    8. Round quarterly with direct reports
  8. Administrative
    1. Collaborate with salary committee on salary assignments for service line members
    2. Consult on specialty coding and reimbursement issues.
  9. Regular attendance is required in order to carry out the essential functions of the position.
  10. Reviews and meets ongoing competency requirements of the role to maintain the skills, knowledge and abilities to perform, within scope, role specific functions.


  1. Other duties as assigned.


For positions requiring education beyond a high school diploma or equivalent, educational qualifications must be from an institution whose accreditation is recognized by the Council for Higher Education and Accreditation.

Minimum Required:
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.).


Minimum Required:
Two years’ experience with leadership role(s).

Three or more years’ experience with leadership role(s) preferred.


The following licensure(s), certification(s), registration(s), etc., are required for this position. Licenses with restrictions are subject to review to determine if restrictions are substantially related to the position.

Minimum Required:

  • Board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) or the American Osteopathic Board of Medical Specialties (AOBMS)
  • Current and unrestricted applicable State MD/DO license
  • Member in good standing of Marshfield Clinic Health System Medical Staff Office

Marshfield Clinic Health System is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. This may qualify you for additional state and/or federal education loan forgiveness programs.

MCHS strongly encourages our physicians to be involved in medical education and research to continue building our strong foundation of patient care, research and education for years to come.

Marshfield Clinic Research Institute:

Marshfield Clinic Division of Education:

Wisconsin Communities
Your ideal practice would be nestled in the beauty of Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula Michigan where 4-season outdoor recreation meets innovative, quality healthcare.  Our residential communities are safe with beautiful homes at affordable prices and no long commutes.  Plentiful year-round recreation such as bicycling, hiking, skiing, fishing and golf abound.  You will enjoy access to metro areas and excellent schools. 

Marshfield Clinic Health System
physicians and staff are motivated by our mission to enrich lives. We serve more than 350,000 unique patients each year through accessible, high quality health care, research and education. With more than 1,600 providers in 170 medical specialties and subspecialties as well as over 13,000 employees in 65 clinical locations in 45 communities serving Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Marshfield Clinic Health System is nationally recognized for innovative practices and quality care.

The Marshfield Promise

Motivated by our mission to enrich lives, we use common values to ensure those we serve feel supported in their healthcare journey and staff and providers are actively engaged with one another. Together through our actions, we promise to deliver compassionate, safe and expert care to everyone.

The Marshfield Promise is centered around 5 core values; Patient-Centered, Trust, Teamwork, Excellence and Affordability.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Waters-Plemon, Assistant Manager - Physician and Advanced Practice Clinician Recruitment

Phone: 715-316-1448

[email protected]

Job Information

  • Job ID: 70407706
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Marshfield, Wisconsin, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Marshfield Clinic Health System
  • Position Title: Service Line Medical Director of Anesthesia
  • Job Function- Perioperative: Anesthesiology
  • Job Type: Full-Time
Healthcare / Health Services
Marshfield , Wisconsin , United States

Marshfield Clinic physicians and staff are motivated by our mission to enrich lives. We serve more than 360,000 unique patients each year through accessible, high quality health care, research and education. With 700+ physicians in 170 medical specialties and subspecialties as well as over 12,000 employees in 60 clinical locations in 40 Wisconsin communities, Marshfield Clinic is nationally recognized for innovative practices and quality care.

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